Sunday, June 12, 2011

I want to skip first 5 rows to load into target ?

> If your Source is a Flatfile and if you need to skip first 5 rows ...simply while Importing flatfile definition,
   set the properties as..Start import rows at option=6 .. generally 1 row goes as field
   Start Import Rows at : 6

>  If  your source is a RDBMS, Override default SQL query as..

  SELECT * FROM EMP WHERE rownum <=5

  so that records from 6 to n will be extracted by SQ..

> Other way..
   get the seq numbers using Seq-Gen-Tr.
   and in the Filter trasformation put condition as : seq_num > 5 .
   so only records from 5 - n records will be loaded into the target.



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