Friday, June 17, 2011

Having some cols in Aggregator and not given 'Sorted Input' as checked and we done GroupBy . What will happen? Whether it sorts the data first and do group by.. or ..directly do groupby.

      If your incoming data is in sorted manner and if we forgot to enable the option in Aggr-tr, then Integ serv still treates the rows as unsorted, and try to scan from the first Record onwards. It will sorts the data in the Group By port and next does Grouping..

     For example we have NAMES column which contains alphabet names, and we checked on group by on NAMES, then it will sorts the data first and does group by with corresponding columns.

1        Ram
1      Pothina
2      Anil
2      Kumar
  3      Doppal

In this above example .. if we do Group by on SNAME…It will sorts the names and then does Group By..

2              Anil
3              Doppal
2              kumar
1              Pothina
1              Ram

-- Ram


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